Monday, 4 February 2013

It's darkest before the light.....

I am just one week into my 14 week training program for the Milton Keynes Marathon and I am at that horrible stage in your training where you are doing more mileage and tougher sessions than you have for some time and it feels really hard!

Despite running more over the Christmas period than I have in previous years and having just come off of a good month of base building thanks to #Jantastic and #basemileblast (see my previous post), I am really feeling the miles and sessions of the previous week.

The thing is, the week that I have just logged wasn't even that tough. Not in the grand scheme of things and not when compared to the weeks to come. I did a 4 mile recovery run on Monday. A 6 mile run (with 2 miles at tempo) on Tuesday morning, followed my an impromptu 3.8 mile tempo run with Mike and Nick in the evening (actually that was quite a tough day!). I rested on Wednesday, just doing some strength/core work and stretching. Thursday was an easy 10k. Friday was 5.5 miles including 6 x 400m @ 6:45m/m. I rested completely on Saturday and my Sunday long run was just over 12 miles which included 2 x 2 miles at target marathon pace (8:00m/m). That's only 37 miles for the week. My longest week will be almost double that!

I actually felt stronger towards the end of my long run yesterday but to think I will be running twice that distance as my longest training run is a terrifying thought at this stage! At the moment it really does feel like that period just before dawn, when things really are at their darkest.

Thankfully I have been here before, so I know that things are going to feel harder before they feel easier. So, if you are staring at your training program and are wondering how you are going to be able to complete those longer training runs or tougher sessions, just trust your training and know that as sure as the sun will rise, you will get stronger!

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