Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A year of doing less (running)......

In 2014 I experimented with overhauling my diet in the hope that it might have a positive effect on my diet. It did. And so much more besides. You can read about it here and listen to my experiences on the Paleo Runner podcast here.

Inspired by the aforementioned podcast, as well listening to Tom Williams experiences on Marathontalk, I have decided to see if running less will make me a better runner. It sounds counter-intuitive but after reading several blogs and listening to dozens of podcasts, it is clear to me that there are people pulling off some epic feats of endurance on very little mileage. This includes some impressive marathon times and going really long at ultramarathon events.

I should be clear that I won't just be substituting running with more time on the sofa. Rather, I want to see if combining running with other forms of cross-training will have a positive effect on my race times. So, as part of Jantastic I have set my run target to just 4 runs per week, plus 1 swim session per week. I have also been doing 1 - 2 crossfit sessions per week (but these are not counted as part of Jantastic) and plan to get out on my bike regularly once the weather improves.

As any experienced runner will know, running is very good at identifying weaknesses in your body and whilst I have been fairly injury-free over the 7 years I have been running, I am aware of the need to remain strong in order to stay injury free. I am also toying with the idea of doing a triathlon later in the year, so hope this more balanced approach will help me in preparing for this.

I have some 10k's and half marathons planned for March - April time, so check back later in the year to see if this approach is having a positive effect on my times.

I am also interested to hear about your experiences and if running less, combined with cross-training has had a positive effect on your running. If so, which exercises and sports do you find more beneficial?